Thursday, December 20, 2018

Guinea pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai... The Logo !

Take a look to the nice logo of Guinea pavilion :

 Guinea Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE
A dancing woman, a wise old man, a mermaid, a Baga mask, you have been numerous on social networks to share with us your conjectures on the meaning of the logo chosen for the participation of Guinea in the Dubai World Expo in 2020.
Encouraging reflection and encouraging discussion are the two desired reactions through the development of our logo. The inspirations behind his concept were numerous:

Water, the central axis of the Guinean pavilion
From the ocean to the rivers, mangrove swamps, and the spectacular Fouta waterfalls, water is ubiquitous in Guinea. With more than 4000 mm of precipitation per year, the country's landscapes are marked by a diversity of aquatic environments. The different wave shapes in the logo evoke water.

Cultural wealth
Water in Guinea has several myths, symbols and traditions. A deity whose name differs according to region, Ningi-Nengé, Fato, Ninkinnanka is often associated with the spirit of water. Protector of rivers, announcing rain, purveyor of wealth, this mythological figure is the most representative of the spiritual bond that Guineans have maintained with water. The animal that repetitively represents her across the country, regardless of race, is the snake. The logo represents a flat-headed snake, in reference to the Baga snake, mask mostly known by African art lovers.

Traditional textile
The choice of colors and pattern is inspired by traditional Guinean textiles. A dyeing method, varying between deep blue and light blue is specific to the Fouta region. The coloring of these cotton fabrics is obtained by the plant lepi, specific to the average Guinea. The pattern is inspired by visible patterns on some of the dyed fabrics, such as Kindili, Lepi, or Batik.

The circle
The circle reflects the cycle of water as well as the notions of movement, renewal and inclusion. Capitalizing on its human capital, youth is at the heart of preparations for Guinea's participation in the exhibition. In a laboratory approach, a set of projects will be developed to expose the current dynamics of national transformation in Dubai.

The ascent
The ascensional shape of the snake highlights the current commitment of Guinea to move forward in the construction of the Vision Guinea Vision 2040. At the exhibition, the country will present a set of concrete achievements showing potential investors that the future is at hand. Without knowing it, by creating this logo, the Guinea team has strengthened its links with the organizers of the Dubai Exhibition. The Dubai Expo 2020 logo is inspired by a gold ring, one of the recently discovered historical artefacts on the archaeological site of Saruq Al-Hadid. On this site, archaeological objects representing snakes have also been discovered, suggesting a cult of the snake. For these ancient civilizations, the snake would have been a symbol of fertility, water and protection (source:

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