Saturday, December 8, 2018

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The Dutch pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai
The Dutch wouldn’t be the Dutch if they didn’t choose to do things their own way. The Dutch pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is more of a biotope than a building. This circular climate installation, developed collaboratively by a team of four architecture and engineering firms, will embody the theme of the Netherlands’ multi-year campaign in the Gulf region. This campaign – Dutch Dubai – focuses on connections on every level.

Connecting water, energy and food
We all know that water, energy and food can’t exist without each other. Or to put it another way: if these sectors work together in the right way, magic can happen. As the second-largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, we know what this kind of intersectoral collaboration can bring a country and, more importantly, its people. Even in a desert climate, we can create a system where inhabitants can produce their own water, energy and food. Our unique pavilion, which is a circular climate installation offering an interactive experience, is a reflection of this kind of partnership.

Reducing our footprint
To minimise the footprint of our interactive ecosystem, the pavilion will be built with local resources and locally rented building materials. The interior will also include some rented elements. Once Expo 2020 Dubai is over, all materials will be re-purposed or returned to parties in the region.

Connecting innovation, knowledge and experience
Becoming more self-sustaining is important with a world population that keeps on growing. At the same time, resources are becoming more fragile and scarce. Global issues such as water scarcity, food security and rising demand for energy have a particularly serious impact on the Middle East. Gulf countries tend to consume more water and energy per capita than many other parts of the world, and the majority of the region’s food is imported. Expo 2020 Dubai offers an exciting opportunity to drive positive change. This is where the Netherlands is eager to contribute. Dutch innovation, knowledge and experience can play a positive role in transformation. Not only in the Gulf, but around the world.

Connecting minds
Dubai Dutch is all about making meaningful connections.
When it comes to connecting businesses, knowledge institutions, governments and social organisations, the Dutch pavilion will function as an interactive installation. It will become a meeting point and networking hub for everyone at Expo 2020 Dubai: a place to connect with visitors from all over the world who are keen to experience something new.

About the makers
The consortium behind the Dutch Dubai Biotope consists of four partners: V8 Architects, Expomobilia, Kossmann.deJong and Witteveen+Bos. All of them have experience and networks in the Gulf region. To pave the way for new generations, the consortium is working with multiple Dutch innovative start-ups and companies, in order to provide them with the platform they deserve.

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