Thursday, January 17, 2019

Congratulations to Thailand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

Yes !!! Congratulations for the big success of Thailand pavilion clip on Facebook Expo 2020 Dubai with more of 1.3 million visitors in only 5 days...

A great proof of the interest and quality of this pavilion "Miracle of Smile" !

Impatiently looking forward to meet you all during Expo 2020 !


THAILAND pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai LINKS

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Thailand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - Discover the WebSite ! and the incredible pavilion of the Miracle of Smile...

 Thailand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

THAILAND PAVILION : Mobility For The Future

It was once again that Thailand participated in the World Exhibition in 2020 at the World Expo 2020 Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Held under the concept of "Connecting Mind, Creating the Future" or "Connecting the Future of Creation" by Thailand to participate in the sub-topic Mobility (driving) the future "or" driving to the future "

Thailand participated in the World Expo 2020 Dubai by choosing to present the Mobility concept that focuses on presenting opportunities. And the ability to drive in many forms to connect to the exchange of ideas Innovation Access to knowledge And developing opportunities for all groups of people. Mobility also includes transportation, travel and exploration. Transportation and logistics Including digital connection.

In this exhibition Thailand therefore presents the use of digital technology and innovation to drive and develop the country to be effective, as well as international, through the Digital Thailand 4.0 policy. Trade and investment Transportation And truly develop Thailand into the destination of the whole world By defining the main topics of the show: Mobility for the future or driving to the future To reflect the potential to develop and drive effective links between people, organizations and countries by connecting to digital systems Including using multi-dimensional technology to solve problems And create a good quality of life to support the future.

 Thailand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

Thailand pavilion
The concept of building design in Thailand

"Gold" is the unique color of Thai architectural values. Is a component of various elite machine buildings Expressing the importance of the building The designer therefore brought the golden color to emphasize as the highlight for the building showing Thailand.

"Wai" is a beautiful Thai manners. Which the most important meaning Which is known all over the world is hello. "Welcome" to "Thailand Building Show" through the architectural elements of the building Which looks like a curved arch like a worshiper Build the strength and identity of the building. In addition, such arches form Also convey the meaning of the unique Thai architectural works, including the style of the monk, the style of Phra Prang, Wat Arun Or the gable of a Thai house.

"Garland" is a bunch of flowers caused by the introduction of flowers. Various types of leaves With aroma Come to be arranged into a bunch of colorful flowers and elements that are delicately beautiful, used in sacred occasions such as Worshiping Father, Mother, Adult Relatives, and Important for "welcome" and one thing that everyone can recognize or touch when receiving " The steering wheel "is the" fragrance "from the flower. The pattern of the garland is used in the wall decoration of the building. To create imagery for visitors to the building Recognize the aroma and feel "Thai scent".

With all these elements Makes the building show Thailand Can clearly show the identity of the culture and style of Thai architecture.

 Thailand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Discover USA pavilion WebSite...

 USA Pavilion WebSite


The United States Pavilion is designed to introduce visitors from all over the world to the leading role America plays in developing the future of global mobility. The Pavilion is the convergence of the ideas and technologies that will move us towards the future as we reach across cultures and borders to build a better tomorrow for all. Every decision made in designing the United States experience is informed by the same question asked of all our guests: “What Moves You?”


Driven by a passion for making lives better, a consortium of 13 leading American organizations has pored over every detail to create a unique journey through American innovation. The Pavilion is a space where guests experience the thrill of American firsts from the past, present, and future.

More on USA pavilion WebSite :

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Discover Thailand Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

It's always a very exciting moment when a new pavilion is unveiled...

Thailand Pavilion is ready to enchance the world with the "Thai DNA" combining "the innovation-based development" under the concept of "The Mobility for the Future”.

And there still much more "Miracle" to follow!

THAILAND pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai LINKS

Discover the nice LOGO for Thailand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

“Puang Malai” The official logo of Thailand Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. “Puang Malai” is the Thai flower garland, also reflects Thailand’s stepping into the innovation-driven, digital age toward stability, wealth, and sustainability.

 Logo Thailand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

History - SIAM (Thailand) at Expo 1904 Saint-Louis

The Siamese Pavilion was a faithful representation of the Ben Chama Temple at Bangkok. The ground plan, seventy feet each way, had the form of a crosse, and the hall inside was sixty feet high.

The symbols of Buddhism, the lotus flower and the flame, both emblematic of purity, were in evidence everywhere in the inner and outer decorations. In the hall were the portraits of the King, the Queen and the Crown Prince of Siam. Specimens of Siamese art industries, such as delicate work in hammered brass, embroideries, musical instruments, richly worked elephant saddles and boxes inlaid with mother-of-pearl, filled the hall, the windows of which consisted in handsome transparencies depicting Siamese temples.

A visit to this building richly paid, because in a short time a great deal of information about this Oriental Kingdom could be gathered.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Do you want to learn more about Germany pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai ?


"Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" - under this theme, countries from all around the world will meet in Dubai in 2020. From 20 October 2020 until to 10 April 2021, the Expo opens its gates. Germany will also be also represented with its own pavilion. Preparations have already begun.

CAMPUS GERMANY – that will be the name of Germany’s pavilion at the 2020 World Expo, to be held in Dubai. Focusing on sustainability, the German Pavilion will be an entertaining, surprising, hands-on and digital showcase of German innovations and solutions in the field. The CAMPUS concept will transform the pavilion into a place of knowledge, research and interpersonal communication – in line with the EXPO 2020 Dubai theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

The team behind the German Pavilion
Koelnmesse GmbH will be organising and running the German Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The “German Pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai Consortium”, comprising facts and fiction GmbH (Cologne) and ADUNIC AG (Frauenfeld, Switzerland), is in charge of concept design, planning and implementation. facts and fiction will be responsible for content, exhibition and media design, and the pavilion will be built by ADUNIC. The architecture and interior will be designed by LAVA – Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (Berlin).

German Pavilion - facts and figures

  • Pavilion title: CAMPUS GERMANY
  • Chosen subtheme: Sustainability
  • Plot size: Approx. 4,600 m²
  • Maximum height: 27m
  • Anticipated total number of visitors: Up to 3 million
  • Budget: 50 million euros

Image courtesy Germany pavilion

Sunday, January 6, 2019

SWEDEN pavilion on Instagram... Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

To follow the official account of the Swedish pavilion on IG :

 Sweden pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

History - Germany at the Columbian Exposition of Chicago, on 1893

The German Building

Making a fine showing in nearly all departments of the Columbian Exposition the German Empire excelled in its official building.

Facing the lake, where it's character could be fully appreciated, the structure compelled the unstinted admiration or the visiting world. The ground area occupied was one hundred and fifty by one hundred and seventy-five feet and the cupola rose to the height of one heudred and fifty feet, the total cost of the building being a quater of a million dollars (of 1893); but it was not its dimensions nor cost, but the novelty and charm of its form and coloring which attracted attention. It was a poetical edifice, one telling, in a way, the story of the Fatherland, with a richness of coloring and ornament which was as historically and artictically correct as it was picturesque.

In the belfry was a chime of bells, with the sweet sounds of which visitors to the Fair became familiar, and which, after the Exposition's clos, were returned to the Church of Mercy, in Berlin.

The main portion of the interior was in simulation of a chapel, its furnishings corresponding with the idea, while apart from this a host of historical and charming objects increased the merit of the interior. There were valuable displays of books, and the visitor could gain in this building information of the greatest interest. The structure was solidly built and may remain a permanent feature of the park.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Dutch connection in Dubai - Twitter account !

The Dutch participation at expo2020dubai will show their cross-border experience & integrated approach towards water energy & food to the Gulf region!

Follow Dutch pavilion on Twitter :

 Dutch pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

France pavilion on YouTube... Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

 France pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

 Erik Linquier - Commissaire général de la France - Expo 2020 Dubai

WEBSITE of Guinea pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

 Guinea pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai - UAE

The Pavilion :
Located in the sustainability section of the Expo site and a few meters from the pavilion of the host country, the Pavillon Guinée is titled "Puisez à la Source".

Like its symbolic name, "West African Water Castle", Guinea wishes to highlight its strong link with the water element. At the Expo, the country will use water to take millions of visitors on a journey through its history, culture and innovations.

Water will be omnipresent on the pavilion of Guinea in an imaginative, visual and sound way, especially through its cultural diversity shaped between sea, mangrove, mountain springs and dense forests.

The immense hydropower potential (6000Mw) in particular, and energy in general as well as all the related possibilities (agriculture, mining reserves, fishing and tourism potential) will be highlighted in the guinea pavilion at Expo.

The discourse around water will also be the vector of an awareness on the protection of our environment threatened by demographic and climatic changes.

Guinea is actively working with Expo Dubai 2020 teams and will soon be presenting the world with a taste of its pavilion!