Wednesday, June 19, 2019

World Expo inventions : the best way to cook potatoes

Go to the International Health Exhibition of 1884, in London.

This Expo takes place in a series of a few international exhibition in South Kensington in London, under the patronage of Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales..

Four million people visited this Expo under the theme of Health for populace.

We were particularly interested by the show of Groom & Co... they present at the Expo an apparatus made to cook quickly and perfectly potatoes.

They obtained an Honorable Mention at the National Health Society's Exhibition in june 1883.

This invention is designed to meet an almot universal and daily want, viz., the means of cooking with certainly and precision all the various sorts of potatoes that are brought to consumers. Experience carefully conducted have failed to discover any sort of potato which cannit be successfully cooked by this new invention.

The inner lining, filled with potatoes, is placed in the bottom of the vessel, with sufficient water to well cover the potatoes; after boiling fifteen minutes, the lining is raised and fixed at the top, and in about twelve minutes, according to size, they are steamed to perfection.

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