Thursday, November 21, 2019

Yemen pavilion - Hannover Expo 2000 !

Yemen pavilion at EXPO 2000 Hannover

Architect : Dar-Almohandis Mohamed Kassim Alarikey, Sana
Contact Architects  : Anderhalten Veauthier Architekten, Berlin
Lot size : 1 500 m²
Constructed area : 937 m²

The "Samsara", the traditional Yemeni market, is the main permanent attraction of this pavilion.
Irrigation techniques and crop terraces are presented on the ground floor.

The atrium in the center of the building is a natural skylights. Clay models reproduce cities of Sana'a and Shibam. The famous buildings of several floors were built nearly five centuries. The legend says that Sanaa was the first city founded by Noah after the flood.

The "Dam-Alakhoin", a very rare tree, can be admired on the first floor. Terrace with views leads directly to the magnificent wall surrounding the pavilion. This is the heart of everyday life. Small shops are carved into the wall of mud and include a traditional Yemeni market.

Artisans to perform pieces and expose them for sale: silver jewelry and everyday objects in leather. Performances and dances are held in the courtyard.

Yemenis themselves the goal to advance the status of women in their country.
Debates and symposia will be held on this subject during the entire duration of the EXP02000.

It's said to be in this "land of incense," that once crossed the spice caravans and agriculture is now enhanced by cleverly arranged terraces, that Noah was founded Sanaa, the first city ​​after the flood. A clay model of the city is exposed to the impressive buildings in the pavilion.

The pavilion of the state of Yemen comprises two major sections, that of the city wall with its street-market flair and that of the exhibition building. The city wall was built using the traditional construction method of clay and bricks. It comprises a number of small rooms where products, techniques and handicrafts from Yemen are exhibited to visitors. A terraced open-air exhibit offers a view of agricultural structures typical of the country and also provides space for performances. Visitors entering the pavilion are led across the marketplace to the main building. This three-story Samsara is constructed in the style of public buildings in the city of Sanaa und thus represents a number of important aspects of social and cultural life in Yemen. Pictures, models and objects present examples of Yemenite architecture, building methods and planning.

Event during Yemen national day.

Concepts. The building completely encloses a central space that remains open to the sky.
The exhibition is conceived in such a way that visitors are guided through the entire complex. On the third floor, the route leads out to the city wall, where visitors enjoy a view of the whole exhibition from the outside. A special room on the third floor, the socalled Majraj, is available for VIP events. Such rooms traditionally served as meeting places for Yemenite men.

3D model of Yemen pavilion.

Yemen pavilion.... today in Hannover !

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