Saturday, January 19, 2019

First World's Fair in United States... New York 1853

The Crystal Palace in New York has been achieved in 1853 to host a World Expo Industry. The building, designed by architects George Carstensen and Charles Gildemeister had the shape of a Greek cross. It was near the Croton Reservoir, between 5th and 6th Avenue, at 42nd.

It was topped by a 100-foot diameter dome.

The whole structure of the palace, like the one in London was entirely of iron and glass.
It was inaugurated July 14, 1853 and open to the public the 15.

From October, he was installed inside the heater to keep it open the palace during the winter.
The first American Expo closes April 15, 1854, after 9 months for a makeover, then re-open for a second season on May 4, 1854. The Expo will definitely end October 31, 1854.

Crystal Palace then host regular exhibitions, parties, events, until October 5, 1858, where the accidental fire will overcome it in less than half an hour.

And below, the poster for a show ... a little prescient ?

...and the end of the Crystal Palace, en 1858 :

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