Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Model scale of Abu Dhabi Pavilion at Expo'70 Osaka ...

In the previous post, I came back to the first participation of the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi pavilion at the World Expo in Osaka 1970.

As everyone knows, in 2020 will be held the first World Expo in an Arab country, Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE. And it's with great pride that the Emirates consider this first participation at Expo'70 Osaka. Young nation under 50, they are very proud of their recent history, and more particularly that which concerns the time of their creation.

I had long time in mind a 3d project about this history, but without having had time to get started. The first files were directed towards the production of a 3D movie, either on the history of the participation of the United Arab Emirates in the Word Expo, or on the participation of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, or of an even wider way, on the history of the participations of the Arab countries since the first World Expos of the XIXth century, until today.

You've probably noticed, I have, for a little over a year, a new activity complementary to my 3D reconstruction projects, in the form of 3D printed models ... Some new events in the Expo 2020 Dubai process made me reopen the file, and consider making a model of this Abu Dhabi pavilion, rather than a movie (for the moment).

The first part of this project being finished, here are some images of this model made on a 1/100 scale. All that is missing is a support reproducing part of its environment.

And from here Expo 2020 Dubai, there will certainly be many more projects of the same type.

Below, rendering of the Abu Dhabi Pavilion modeled in 3d, before preparing files for printing.

Below, some pieces being printed in 3d ... nearly fifty pieces make up the model.

The model of the Abu Dhabi Pavilion, being assembled, and painting :

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