Tuesday, March 8, 2016

4D printing, Teach leaders, Free concerts, Converting humid air into water, Television... with Expo 2020 Dubai

Scientists have unlocked the key to 4D printing using smart material that mimics the way plants respond to the environment.

Tech leaders are predicting these 10 things by 2020. Which do you want to see most?

6,000 free concerts took place during Expo ‘67 in Canada as part of what was known as the World Festival of Art and Entertainment. How would you celebrate UAE culture at ‪#‎Expo2020‬? 

Imagine a self-filling bottle that converts humid air into water. You don’t have to – it exists.
What invention would ease your daily routine?

Can you imagine a world without television? Well, that’s how it was until the 1939 World’s Fair, when TV technology was first shown to a mass audience.

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