Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello 2020 - Newletter n16 October 2013

The UAE’s bid to host World Expo 2020 in Dubai has captured the hearts and minds of a nation and in this issue we find a country galvanised in its support of the Dubai Expo 2020 campaign.

 Hello 2020 - Newsletter n16 October 2013

In this issue Subramanian Rangan, Professor of Strategy and Management at INSEAD, and an expert on globalisation, offers his own perspectives on the global significance of the Dubai Expo 2020 subthemes of Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. Meanwhile, Patrick Awuah, founder of Ashesi University, explains how Dubai Expo 2020’s subtheme of Opportunity could positively impact emerging economies, and considers the particular benefits it could bring to young people worldwide. The unique opportunity presented by an Expo in Dubai is also explored in this issue’s Fact File. Here, we demonstrate the inspirational nature of the UAE’s bid, with its pledge to focus on themes that reflect global priorities, including a seven-year programme of collaborative innovation aimed at addressing those issues.


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