Thursday, June 13, 2013


On French chanel TV LCP...

Documentary about Dubai on the occasion of the candidacy for EXPO 2020!

A monthly magazine (26 ') presented by Sabine QUINDOU
Offered by Gerard Feldzer and Bernard VAILLOT

This month, "transport me! "Went to the United Arab Emirates, on the occasion of the bid of the city of Dubai at the Universal Exhibition of 2020, with the theme:" Connecting Minds - Building the future. "The aerotropolis concept: while most airports are located farther away from urban centers, the Aerotropolis philosophy offers the reverse. The airport is located in the heart of Dubai, with a pharaonic project of € 33 billion! True "hub", the city of 140 km2 combines a seaport by channeling 12 million tons of cargo, an airport able to accommodate 120 million passengers, a business city, shopping centers and homes.

Masdar sustainable city: the UAE more than elsewhere, it is crucial to develop innovative projects for the generation, transmission and consumption of natural resources. The main challenges are to ensure universal access to energy and water, and to promote the adoption by all the principle of sustainable development. Concrete example with Masdar, "sustainable city" in the middle of the desert that runs on solar energy.

Burj Khalifa: how works the world's tallest tower, which rises to 828 meters work?

A century of world expositions: From London 1851 in Yeosu (South Korea) in 2012 via Paris, New York and San Francisco, back on these events, real showcases of human genius, who scored and transformed cities and host countries. The France itself wishes to be a candidate for 2025.

LCP / Galaxie Presse co-production.
with partners MAAF Assurance et ADEME support.

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