Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Be Part of It! - Marwan Al-Haj

Let's continue the story of Expo 2020 ambassadors with the another winner of the competition organized by Expo 2020 Dubai, Be a part of it!

I'm proud to introduce Marwan Al-Haj, 27, UAE
Marwan earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Hamdan bin Mohammed University and currently works for DEWA. After interviewing his family about why the UAE should be selected to host the World Expo, he then compiled their thoughts into an essay, which won the highest number of online votes.

Welcome EXPO 2020 to DUBAI

Yes, Dubai always welcoming and keens on having a very successful races in this area.
I can say some things and I'm sure that a lot of people agreeing with me: EXPO 2020 wants to be held in Dubai, and Dubai also wants the EXPO 2020. In order to clarify the above statements, I have to be very realistic and sensible since I want to convince all to know why EXPO 2020 needs Dubai City?

The Dubai bid is being led by the super team to host the world EXPO 2020 and I'm sure that we will have the EXPO 2020 in Dubai because of the following:

  • Having a strong economic history and grate future plan 
  • It is the hub for the world trade and also one of the best world’s tourist destinations
  • Having a two important airports (Dubai and Al Maktoum air ports)
  • More than enough experience in handling a lot of important events (more than 170 events occurring yearly in Dubai)
  • Unites more than 200 culture in one safe and enjoyable environment
  • Having a very good capability (numbers of hotel) in order to welcomes the EXPO 2020 visitors
  • Dubai has been known to be a technologically advanced region
  • Having Dubai’s commercial exchange, connectivity with all words, supreme infrastructure and a visionary outlook which makes Dubai in a very strong position

After reading the above points and knowing that Dubai is having a very good ability to handle any events, we can conclude and realize that EXPO 2020 exhibition can be conducted successfully and all the words can get an efficient output from the event.

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