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Hello 2020 - Newsletter 08 - January 2013

January 2013 – Issue 08
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Welcome to the January edition of Hello 2020. This month’s focus is on sustainability and intelligent sources of energy and water, a key subtheme of the UAE’s bid to host World Expo 2020 in Dubai. The future world needs to rethink approaches to generating and using energy, and the UAE, among other nations, has been demonstrating and developing its capacity to lead the way on this pressing global issue.
This month’s thought leader, Dr Zhengrong Shi, head of Chinese clean energy group Suntech, considers the huge opportunities presented by solar power. He assesses how the world is shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy, a sector that is expected to be worth US$2.2tn in 2020, and highlights the environmental and economic benefits of this shift in energy focus.

Elsewhere, John Vidal provides food for thought as he addresses the issue of water scarcity and explores the innovative technologies that are available to help limit the amount of water required in farming.

His Excellency Mohamed Ali Al Noman, the Chairman of Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, highlights the path towards sustainably designed luxury and a more responsible use of natural resources.


Q&A Dr Zhengrong Shi’s vision of a solar-powered future

- The Big Picture: Sustainable tourism

- World Expo Legacy: 
The 1910 Brussels World Expo 

Expo 1910 Brussels - Tunisian pavilion.
Expo 1910 Brussels - Tunisian pavilion.

Expo 1910 Brussels - Algerian pavilion
Expo 1910 Brussels - Algerian pavilion

Expo 1910 BrusselsExpo 1910 Brussels

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