Monday, January 2, 2012

Expo 2020 Dubai - Web site

The website Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE is finally online, I suggest you find out at:

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

In today’s rapidly evolving society there is one constant – the power of the human mind.

Well before the invention of the written word, printing and now the internet, it is the human mind that has shaped society through discussion, debate and ultimately decision making. Whilst technology is the enabler for the modern world, it is still people’s decision making abilities that shape life today and tomorrow.

Each individual human mind is a powerful tool, but it is when minds connect that real change takes place. This is played out at every level of society, from the family unit, through to friendships, to how people dwell and connect in towns and cities, right through to the identity and culture of a nation.
Nothing shapes the world like the imagination.

Sometimes, with all the challenges we face, it is easy to overlook this astonishing evolutionary success story.

And while human success presents immense challenges across the coming centuries, it is human imagination and creativity that remains the best hope for progress and peaceful co-existence in the generations to come.

Formulating a theory. Falling in love. Starting a business. Bringing up a family. Persuading an audience. Trying out an idea. Taking a stand. Writing a poem or an equation. Forming a friendship. Founding a city. Building a nation.

So much that is best about being human depends on making a connection.

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